Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making a Case for Monograms

I've always been a fan of vintage monograms and vintage monogrammed bedding and I inherited that love from my Mom, who collects vintage monogrammed coverlets, sheets, and shams. A photo of her Virginia bedroom, which ran in HGTV magazine last summer, follows below. The green and white bedding shown is one example from her extensive collection.


And while I'm fond of the idea, I also think it's safe to say that Southerners sometimes overuse monograms. But I think when they are displayed in moderation, and saved for special spots such as bedding or subtle places such as classic leather luggage, they can be truly elegant (the saccharine sweet overkill happens when you see them on everything from bath mats to tea towels and beyond all in the same house).

That said, I recently stumbled on a Southern source for simple but graphic pillows by Georgia's Lizzie Kate Design that feature embroidery reminiscent of vintage monograms and I was drawn to them (photos follow below).

If I used them for a client, I would likely mix them with all sorts of other, more modern pillows or try them out on a midcentury sofa for contrast and to keep things casual and youthful.



Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

A well placed monogram can add so much I think. Those pillows are lovely.

Alice Doyle said...

A really elegant example. Thanks for sharing!

AnnaBoyd said...

These monograms are gorgeous and so unique -- they look more like a scroll pattern than initials! Very beautiful.


Ashley said...

Monograms are timeless. And your mother's bedroom from HGTV is spectacular. What a comfortable-but-chic space.

Anonymous said...

What would the monogram look like if sleepy down south met a magpie ??

Anonymous said...

Vicuna coat, what a possession!