Monday, December 16, 2013

A Southern Stocking

In my opinion it's very, very hard to find holiday stockings that aren't flimsy in quality and cheesy in theme.

And I guess I'm a little tough on the stocking market overall because I grew up with heirloom needlepoint versions that my South Carolina grandmother made.

It literally took her years to finish my stocking. I remember peeking in at her when we visited her house in the summertime and she'd be sitting in her bed stitching away before she went to sleep. 

And she not only made mine, but she stitched one by hand for my younger sister and one for my older brother, too.

They involved hundreds of different types of threads and complicated color ways and were backed in velvet.

Sadly, we only enjoyed them as children because all three burned in a fire at that nearly leveled the house I grew up in (caused by Christmas tree lights, folks!) when I was a freshman in high school.

So that's probably why I have such an attachment to the idea of stockings that have a hand made quality to them and probably why I'm a little bit in love with the hand-hooked stocking below by the artisans at Michaelian Home in Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

Isn't the look a fun mix of modern and old-school?


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Courtney said...

I have a stocking for the others, but never had one for myself…thanks for the introduction because Mama just bought herself a beautiful Peppermint Disco stocking! I'm so excited to have one on the mantle now!!