Friday, February 22, 2013

The Hitch List

This weekend my vivacious, hilarious, always-there-through-thick-and-thin friend Caitlin is getting married in Charleston.

I cannot wait to see her get hitched to a truly wonderful dude. They most certainly have decades of happy in front of them.

And all this wedding hubbub has me thinking about wedding presents, too.

Specifically wedding presents suited to Southerners.

Caitlin is from North Carolina and I feel like every new Southern household needs a few essentials to start out.

Before I get to my list, I have to say that I have a deep aversion to things that are pretentious, formal, and impractical, so I don't really get into the idea of giving pieces of fine china or hemming and hawing over crystal finger bowls and such. I think putting old pieces that are in the bride or groom's family to good use is genius (it's all about the mix!), but doling out a fortune on new finery just doesn't make much sense to me in our modern, CB2 era.

And honestly, I'd rather give things that feel, I don't know, real and useful.

That said, here are my top five things to make a couple's first Southern house a home:

Monogrammed sheets. As I mentioned in this post, monograms can easily get out of control in Southern houses/closets, but I think the idea of monogrammed sheeting is always chic.


A Pawley's Island hammock from South Carolina. These bad boys have been made the same way forever and every single Southern house should have one, or multiples. Bonus: if you have a fight as newlyweds, just get in the hammock and it'll probably pass ;)


An arsenal of classic Southern cookbooks. You can never own too many. Frank Stitt's is a great start to a collection.


A seasoned cast iron skillet. Other than a really good knife, a cast iron skillet is one of the only things you need in a kitchen. When my Mom got married, her grandmother gave her several seasoned cast iron pieces. They were the real deal and seasoned over time, supper after supper. But these pre-seasoned cast iron skillets make great gifts, too.


Music makers. The nostalgic charm of an old record player is pretty hard to pass up, and Crosley Radio makes the best reproductions. Even if you don't have any furniture, at least you can throw on a little Levon Helm and fill the house up with that!



Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...


Haskell Harris said...

Thank ya kindly C!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

I gave my husband that exact record player for Christmas so only 4 more items until we are officially southern :)

Eloise Southard said...

hey! love your blog. do you have any clue where the headboard fabric is from behind the monogram pillow? i know it's a long shot but thought i'd ask. thanks!

Haskell Harris said...

Hey Eloise! I don't actually but Alan Campbell probably has something in those colors that would be a great sub!