Monday, February 18, 2013

It's a Toile, Toile World

I've watched my Mom design many rooms over the years. One of the most vivid in my memory is a guest bedroom suite she designed for a client in the mountains of North Carolina. 

The guest suite was tucked into the eaves of the house, with a charming stone and wood fireplace and casement windows that flooded the room with light. The house itself was incredibly old and full of all sorts of secret rooms and staircases and porches and surrounded by lush gardens outside. It felt like a house you might find in the English countryside—grand and rustic at once.

I STILL remember the wallpaper in the guest suite. It was a classic Brunschwig & Fils toile. Mom kept the rest of the room extremely simple, and the graphic pattern made the space feel cozy and secreted away from the bigger rooms in the house.

I think that room is why I've always been drawn to toile.

My current toile-themed obsession is the SS13 line by Duro Olowu (below). In the wrong hands, a toile clothing collection could have been disastrous, but Olowu pulled it off beautifully. 

And there's something about Olowu's madcap mash-up that I also like in a room. The image below is one I turn to again and again because the I tend to pair masculine and feminine things in my design work and I love the idea of throwing a dude-ish plaid and a ladylike toile in the same room together. 


I've been thinking of using the toile Ikea sheeting (below) on twin beds with plaid or striped coverlets. It certainly gets you a whole lotta' look for $19.99!

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