Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shopping Around: Pieces

One of my absolute favorite, favorite shops in the South is Pieces in Atlanta (photo below):


Why? Because the owner, Lee Kleinhelter, has incredible personal style and her point-of-view (a one-of-a-kind mix of rustic, midcentury, preppy, and modern) informs every product she sells. A lot of shops look alike. Pieces is unlike any store I've been in. I also love it because Kleinhelter is incredibly adept at taking vintage furniture and breathing new, vivacious life into it. Her ability to recognize a beautiful piece and her ability to rehab one is second to none.

Plus she's a total pro with holiday decor. Take a gander below at the yellow, white, and gold scene below from a story on Kleinhelter that was produced by my very talented friend, Anne Turner Carroll, for Cottage Living magazine way back when:


Because Kleinhelter has a penchant for super-chic, unfussy holiday style,  I asked her for a rundown of her favorite last-minute gift ideas available at Pieces at the moment. She kindly obliged. And by the way, everything in the store and online is 30% off until December 22nd (hurry!):

1) Amazingly cool, crank corkscrews for the bar:

 2) Funky, sputnik light-esque spheres perfect for perching on a desk:

4) Primitive wooden bottles suited to bookshelf sitting:

5) A matte, black star ideal for adding sculptural interest to an end table:

I also asked Kleinhelter what her favorite vintage piece in the shop was right now. She chose the brass frame chair (pictured below) that she re-upholstered in white hide. Whatttttt. Love it:

Happy shopping and big thanks to Kleinhelter for sharing her faves!


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Refreshing style! Incredibly chic yet still festive!

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