Friday, November 9, 2012

Shopping Around: Raleigh

It's no secret that I love celebrating Southern entrepreneurs and talented creative peeps in general.

And I certainly believe in the husband and wife duo behind North Carolina's blue jean atelier Raleigh Denim, Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko. I've been a fan since I first wrote about them here in 2010. Here's why: they appreciate the long line of history that ties the denim trade to the South (Greensboro, North Carolina, to be specific) and they are hell-bent on creating beautiful things that have authenticity and character. Music to my ears.

So when I heard that they had added a second retail shop to their long list of accomplishments (more on those here), it made me so happy and excited for them that I had to share the news.

Here's their new space in New York City. It's at 211 Elizabeth Street:

It's called Raleigh and thankfully it made it through Sandy just fine.

And here they are at the opening (Dear Sarah: what's the name of your nail polish? I likey):

(Photo by Steve Zak of Guest of a Guest)

I'm seriously jealous that I don't live in NYC because a) I need new jeans and b) the Lytvinenko's put Ashley Christenson in charge of the Southern fare for the opening, so you KNOW it was good. The pic below from the party makes me really want a deviled egg.  Real bad.

(Photo by Steve Zak of Guest of a Guest)

And lastly, Christmas is not that far away, so I'm just putting it out there for those family members who draw my name this year (you know who you are siblings!) that I would wear Raleigh Denim's Surry skinny jeans threadbare. Just sayin'.

Big congrats to Sarah and Victor. Can't wait to visit the shop the next time I'm in the city.

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