Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monograms in Moderation

Normally I'm not a person who is all that enthusiastic about monograms. This might because:

1)  I grew up in the South, a place where monogramming everything you own is a rite of passage

2)  I went to the University of Virginia—land of pearl studs, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and you guessed it: monograms. 

Double whammy.

But lately I'm seeing monograms pop up in subtle, authentic spots. 

For instance, I love that designer Clare Vivier is quietly offering monogramming on her outrageously good-looking leather goods at her flagship store in Los Angeles and by phone. Photos of a few examples follow below (from top: duffle, coin purse, ipad cover, clutch):

Vivier offers these clean, modern monograms in either Bank Gothic or Empire fonts in gold, white, light blue, or red on almost all of her designs. 

One monogrammed item goes a long way and I personally gravitate toward the idea of a monogrammed duffle most. It makes me think of old-school train travel or some era where stamping luggage with the family lettering was de rigueur. 

It's the sort of gift that could be handed down for generations. Even if your initials weren't the same. I still carry a few of my Grandmother's monogrammed, linen handkerchiefs with me, so carrying a monogrammed, heirloom leather bag wouldn't really be all that different, you know?

For more information, contact the studio directly: 213-483-2247.

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